Snapstory will help prove social investment as a new, sustainable model within the third sector.

Misfit Ventures are trialling this program with managing director, Boniface Mutahi, and Frida Toto, their first investee, to incredible success. Snapstory is the mode by which to monitor and evaluate this program both from an monitoring and evaluation standpoint and from storytelling perspective, helping to prove this as a new, sustainable model within the third sector.

“Snapstory allows Misfit Ventures to swiftly and effectively record, measure and analyse the yield of the crops.”
- Boniface Mutahi, Director of Misfit Ventures

How Snapstory Helps

Snapstory is being used to track the progress of Misfit Venture’s organic farms in Kenya, both to give updates on equipment maintenance and food growth, and to gather case studies from villagers who have received investment to grow their businesses. These stories are collected in one centralised database, ready to be instantly delivered to those who have invested in the program to demonstrate what their money is going towards. The transparency and accountability Misfit Ventures offers encourages donors to continue to invest in the program. Furthermore, collecting data on the harvest yield and market performance helps the farms to become more efficient by keeping track of what crops are performing most effectively.


Tomatoes and chillis from the organic farm in Shambani, Isiolo, that are ready to be harvested and taken to market. Snapstory is used to measure the yield of the crops and at market, track their sales performance to help recognise and seize upon market trends.