Streamlining data collection, analysis and storytelling into one simple process.

Lessons for Life were crucial in the development of Snapstory. Their commitment to progressive monitoring and evaluation and storytelling meant that they didn’t hesitate to be our pioneer partners in the development of the application, whilst we iterated the tech in real time. Snapstory has since streamlined their data collection, analysis and storytelling into one simple process, saving staff hundreds of hours. Lessons for Life have implemented the use of Snapstory with their partners in Uganda since 2015 and plan to roll it out to their South African and Rwandan partners over the coming months.

“Snapstory will save more than 60% of monitoring and evaluation time.”
- Candy Agaba, Nurture Africa

How Snapstory Helps

“For 2016, our monitoring and evaluation budget was UGX. 11,000,000. This was used to visit schools and collect data, to conduct regular monitoring at school and at home level, stationary, transport and fuel to visit the different schools and homes, conduct end of term reviews, assessment and verification of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, etc. The budget was reduced tremendously this year down to UGX. 9,000,000, and will reduce even further in 2017. This is because all the students’ information will be on the app already and there will be no need to enter it again. This is likely to eventually reduce our M&E budget by half.”


"Once information on the child is taken, it is stored and readily accessible from then on. One can easily track the same child over time, without having to fill out another form about the same child."