Cut down time-intensive, manual data collection with intuitive mobile-based digital forms.


Track progress in real time from a centralised web portal with intelligent data analysis tools.


Instant, high quality content from the ground to provide donors and funders with authentic feedback.

  • 60%
    Reduction in M&E Time
    Vastly simplifies monitoring and evaluation data collection processes in the field.
  • 50%
    Savings in M&E Costs
    Eliminates paperwork and significantly reduces reporting and analysis administrative hours.
  • 100%
    Direct Feedback
    Empowers field teams to collect authentic stories for the donors that make the work possible.

What is Snapstory?

Snapstory is an enterprise software solution that we dreamed up and built in Misfit Labs...

"Snapstory saves our monitoring and evaluation time by more than 60%."

- Candy Agaba, Nurture Africa

Did you know?

Snapstory is currently being used for agricultural, educational and healthcare projects across Uganda, Kenya, India and now South Africa.

How It Works

Our breakdown of Snapstory’s simple, two minute process.